In this space are various tips for freelance musicians about how to find and get help in this current crisis.  We are also extremely grateful to those who wish to support our work through donations. More information about this can be found under: “Donate.”

If you would like to support us directly, you can donate to our Friends’ Association, a registered charity. (Verein zur Förderung und Erforschung historischer Bläsermusik e.V.–Association for the Support and Research of Historical Wind Music). The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is: DE65 2305 0101 0030 0092 94 or For help making a contribution from outside of Germany, please contact us directly.  Thank you!

Here is a list of current tips–where freelance musicians can get help and what they need to do: Bad Blog of Musick/ nmz

If you would like to make a donation, there are various ways you can help.  Donations can be made to a funds organized by the Foundation of German Orchestras (Deutsche Orchester Stiftung), the Magazine Crescenco #ichwillkeingeldzurück (for donating already purchased tickets) organized by the German Music Council (Deutschen Musikrat) and FREO.