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Cultural Tipp #3

Kultur-Tipp #3 – TEXT:
W. G. Sebald, Schwindel.Gefühle.

A puzzling literary text that drives the reader’s attention like a labyrinth in ever new and unexpected directions. Is the author part of his book or just a fictional character? “A fantastic book!” Is – and here he is absolutels not the only one – the opinion of our guest author Peter Schmucker.


Cultural Tip #2 (Ku-Tipp)

Cultural Tip #2 – FILM:
Zoltan Spirandelli, Vaya con Diòs – und führe uns in Versuchung

“Tu solus qui facis mirabilia” (“You alone can perform wonders”) – A film about singing monks, love, and the power of music.  “Vaya con Diòs” is both a road movie and a humorous homage to art. Our cultural tip #2 introduces the film in more detail.


Cultural Tip #1 (Ku-Tipp)

Ku-Tipp # 1 – TEXT:
Jorge Luis Borges, Die Bibliothek von Babel

“O Time, your pyramids.” Only a few texts could be said to deal so hauntingly and poetically with the topic of infinity.  Are we not all librarians and parts of a comprehensive library? Our first cultural tip addresses this question in more depth.