Update 2.6.2020

We enjoyed it a lot!
A very big Thank you to all the faculty members and participants for these unforgettable DIGITALWorkshop days!

It was an adventure, but also brought many new insights and ideas: Pierre de la Rue and the splendid manuscript for Philip the Fair – at Zoom!

We lived unforgettable days full of music and community – from 16 cities across Europe! A journey through time and space which we certainly will start again! 🙂

CapellaDIGITALWorkshop – Faculty:
Hildegard Wippermann, alto shawm and recorder
Regina Hahnke, bass dulcian
Mike Turnbull, percussion
Falko Munkwitz, sackbut
Katharina Bäuml, shawm

For reasons that are clear to all of us, because of the Corona pandemic, and all of the limitations that accompany it, this year’s Capella de la Torre May Workshop will have to be conducted DIGITALLY.  It will be the very first ONLINE early music course known to us, and we are very excited and looking forward to it!   

29-31 May, 2020


It is clear to all of us that we can’t replace the magical moments and the ensemble feel of making music together.  Therefore, for this very first CapellaDIGITALWorkshop, we want to try out new paths, and also concentrate on aspects which perhaps don’t get as much time or attention at our usual courses.

We hope you will support us by taking part, and that you will have courage to enter into this new digital adventure with us!  We can’t wait!

Best wishes from, Your Capellas

Application until 15.5.2020:

Update CapellaDIGITALWorkshop 11.5.2020

It is very important to us – as always – that the workshop means: time spent together, which includes a gain, learning success, new information and ideas for all of you – but also support, the feeling of belonging together – and happy mood (!).

For us too, this workshop is a “work-in-progress”, which is why we have already made many changes to the schedule and lessons so that everyone can play music as actively as possible. We look forward to your suggestions and ideas and will try to make as much of it as possible.

In oder to let you know what will be happening at the CapellaDIGITALWorkshop, we have compiled a list of FAQs for you, which you can find below.

For further information please get in touch and write us:
Taking part/ Infos general:
Schedule/ Literature: