Praetorius in the park

No ensemble or wind class rehearsal in sight? Does the instrument lead a neglected existence at home? Sad because there were such beautiful concerts and goals for practicing before Corona? Not with us!

On the occasion of the anniversary year of Michael Praetorius, we gave birth to the project “Praetorius in the Park”. Together with students from Wolfenbüttel and Braunschweig, we will form a large ensemble that will be heard in Wolfenbüttel on June 10th. The project is part of “Michael Praetorius 400: Wolfenbüttel SINGT”, a concert format in the Wolfenbüttel anniversary year. It stands for a change of perspective, for decentralized and hybrid concert formats in which music can be experienced on site, alone or in a family group, or actively sung along.

With RIAS Kammerchor Berlin and Capella de la Torre you can look forward to:

18.6. Listen Live And Sing Along: A Praetorius melody runs like a red thread through the whole city.
19.6. Live concert stream from the main church in Wolfenbüttel

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