Praetorius 400: Terpsi Wunderblau

PraetoriusDANCES is one of the CapellaHOPEProjects in this strange Corona year 2020. After many months without concerts together, we will start the Capella season in Nuremberg at the ION festival with a program from Terpsichore.

We are very happy to present yet another project on Michael Praetorius: The well-known children’s book author and illustrator Jörg Hilbert has written a musical fairy tale with the title Terpsi Wunderblau.

The project contains music from the Terpsichore collection by Michael Praetorius, plus a shadow play and lyrics – written, designed and read by Jörg Hilbert.

At the end of the story we realize: what made people dance in the past still works perfectly for us today. 🙂

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